Senin, 14 Agustus 2017

Someone Who Help Me

My Story

When i was Junior High School, I have a good friend that who want to sacrafise for me. The story biggen when me and my friends went to Trans Studio Mall. We went to Trans Studio Mall after school. When we want to go to Trans Studio Mall, we confused because we don't know how to go to there. After that, my friend name Hafizh say that he can bring us to there because he bring a car. We are very thank you to him.

On the way, one of my friend say that he want to go to the toilet. And then I suggest him to hold until we arrived at Trans Studio Mall. But, he can control until he cried in that car. My friend and I feel shame but Hafizh didn't. So we go to the Gas Station.

After we arrived, we want to brought some tiket movie. When we want to brought some tiket, my money was no enough to brought a tiket. And I said that I'm will not to brought that tiket because i don't have any money left. I saw all my friend laugh except Hafizh and i feel shame. And then I saparate with my friend and get ready to call a grab bike to go home. But, Hafizh came to me and said that he bring a money that can brought 2 tiket movie. I'm happy that I can watch movie and I'm very thanks to Hafizh.

When we are wacth that movie, Hafizh offer his food to me because only me that not brought food cause don't have some money. And I'm very thanks to him because it make me comfortable.

After we watch movie, we feel happy because that movie is so good. After we watch movie, we want to eat. Then, we go to Mcdonald. In Mcdonald, we ate cheeseburger, chicken, and french fries.

After we eat one of my friend name Ryan suggest that after eat we play to Hafizh's home. We all agree to Ryan and I ask to Hafizh that oke if we go to Hafizh's home.Hafizh reaction I so happy. And we go to Hazih's home with his car.

When we arrived at Hafizh's home, we play many game. After play a lot of game we realize that its goin to midnight, and all my friend go home but not me. I can't go home because my phone still fixed and I dont have anymoney left. And then Hafizh said gave me a T-shirt and ask me my mother number phone. After that I taken home by Hafizh. I very lucky to have a friend like him who want to sacrafise. 

Senin, 07 Agustus 2017



(At library)
Sultan : Hello, where did you get that book?
Zhillan : From bookshelf A3.
Sultan : Ah, thank you. By the way  I'm Sultan. What is your name?
Zhillan : My name is Zhillan. Nice to meet you
Sultan : Nice to meet you too. Where do you live?
Zhillan : I live in Cigadung.
Sultan : Oh really? I live in Cigandung too! What is the address?
Zhillan : At Pesantren Street. What about you?
Sultan : At Farmakologi street.
Zhillan : Do you like playing football?
Sultan : Of course! Maybe we can join extracurricular football together.
Zhillan : What class did you get?
Sultan : It is X MIPA 3.
Zhillan : Wow! I'm in that class too!!
Sultan : Let's go to our class together!
Zhillan : Sure!

Senin, 31 Juli 2017

About Me

My Selft

My name is Sultan Jumhur but you can call me Jumhur. I'm 15th years old. I was born at 12th September 2001. I have 3 sister, the oldest sister name is Nada Zharfania Zuhaira, she like play piano. My second sister's name Faza Fariha Zhafira. She like cook any food. Last my little sister is Damara Zeta. She like sing a song. I was little worry about my little sister cause when she 1st year old, she has trouble with her heart. I always protect her. About me, I like play soccer, basketball and many sports. So far, i already win many competition of sports. Me and my family live at Jl. Farmakologi no. 12, Bandung.

I have a story about me that maybe will inspire everyone.

When I was poor I often gave charity in the mosque. Day per day my money is increasing. At first I thought my money could increase because I save money on shopping. Without realizing I am more seldom giving charity. One day my money is gone and finally I start giving alms again. My money eventually increased again. I finally realized that God wanted me to give charity to the money I had.